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Computer Forensic Investigations

Our Services

Litigation Support

Preparing for trial, through discovery and depositions and during the trial itself, Paradox Technology provides expert investigation and forensic services for attorneys. We review depositions, evidence and law enforcement actions; locate and interview witnesses; and give you the perspective of investigators with decades of experience. For expert litigation support, call on Paradox Technology.

Data Recovery

Is it critical to gain access to deleted, encrypted or hidden files on a computer? The experts at Paradox Technology follow the trail of electronic data to detect tampering; restore deleted, formatted, hidden or corrupted files; uncover crucial data trails; and restore computer security after sabotage or error

HR Matters

Are you worried about the security of your computer systems? Are employees using their computers in ways that could damage your company? We can analyze computers or the network and provide the documentation you need to take appropriate action. We can also provide the ability to monitor and document all computer use.